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Latest Posts

Help for Procrastination – Achieve Your New Year Goals

Procrastination Help – Achieve Your Goals I guess it can happen to all of us at some point in our lives. We can all procrastinate over tasks we know we should do, goals we ought to accomplish and dreams we want to realise. Yet sometimes or maybe even regularly you find yourself getting no further this year than you were at last year. If you have experienced that nagging feeling that nothing seems to change and no matter how much...
Stress Management

Stress Management Hypnosis

Stress Management and Modern Living Stress management is vital for today’s faster modern life. With the advent of the internet everyone has become used to easier and quicker access to information, products and services. We have become used to communications happening within seconds via email rather than by mail. The world of the future which was predicted to have more leisure time hasn’t been realised. There is no escape from the pace of life and although most people cope most...

Hypnobirthing – A more relaxed birth

I am an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist with busy hypnotherapy practices in Rugby, Warwickshire and Daventry, Northamptonshire. I’ve used hypnotherapy for myself  to ease pain. At a local dentist I underwent a root canal procedure and did so without any anaesthesia cialis livraison rapide france. So I know the potential of the mind and practice in my own life what I offer my clients. I have experienced first hand how using positive relaxing imagery can change our perception of pain and as a result alter...
Internet Hypnotherapy

Internet Hypnotherapy Comes of Age

I’ve had to wait a long time to say this, but it suddenly struck me recently that all the comic-book technological fantasies we had when I was young are finally becoming reality.  Remember imagining how one day we might have big flat TVs you could hang on the wall? Well, I’ve got one now. A mini-computer you can keep in your pocket? Got that too. Little screens you can carry round that contain an entire library? Got a couple of...
Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction or Computer Addict?

Internet Addiction or Computer Addict?, computer addiction, internet addiction, facebook addiction, twitter addiction, web addiction, ipad addiction, web addiction london, internet addiction london, internet addiction essex, web addiction essex, email addiction, smart phone addiction, internet addiction support, internet addiction therapy, internet addiction treatments

Phobias of Dogs, Cats and Other Animals – Hypnotherapy Helps

Fears and phobias of domestic animals or common animals are very common. Phobias of dogs, cats, mice, spiders, birds and more can be helped with hypnotherapy. Avoidance of the cause of a fear, such as a dog, does not help reduce or elminate the fear or phobia. Hypnosis can help change how you perceive dogs, cats, mice, birds etc.

Giving Up Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Giving up smoking is something that many smokers realise they will want to do. Some may want to to it now and others believe they will make a decision in the future to pack up smoking. Unfortunately the term “giving up” does not help the efforts of a smoker. the words “giving up” implies that in doing so that you will have to “do without” something or that you will be deprived of something that you like or want. No...
Hypnosis News

Driving Test Hypnotherapy

The Yorshire Evening Post has just published an article about how new learner drivers can be helped to overcomer their driving nerves. Innovative driving instructor Javez Khan has incorporated hypnotherapy techniques along with his driving instruction classes to help his nervous pupils feel more calm and relaxed when they take their driving exam. Javez who offers his driving instruction and hypnotherapy sessions around Bradford, West Yorkshire, claims that 8 out 0 10 nervous drivers have been helped to pass their tests....
Hypnosis News

Stage Fright & Hypnosis News

The Daily Mail published an article today on how a young singer was given a break in the music business by take That’s Gary Barlow. The article describes how usually confident the 21 year old was before she was suddenly thrust into the limelight and got an attack of stage fright. Stage fright can really be related to any kind of performance anxiety. Those times when we might feel anxious are when we have to do something (eg. sing, dance, talk,...

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